It’s not that I think I have anything particularly original or profound to say. I’m pretty confident by now it’s all been said or written, one way or another. I’m writing this blog because it makes me feel better to write.

And also because sometimes I find myself wishing I could access diaries written by my ancestors, like the one who was supposedly a village midwife, or the one who supposedly woke up at her own funeral at fifteen, then met and married an American Merchant Marine and was then disowned by her family, or William Bradford’s second wife. What were their thoughts? I would love to know, and I never will. So I like to imagine that someday a descendant of mine will find this blog and be mildly interested. Afterall, they say what goes on the Internet will be there forever.

Unless the food/oil/power/ runs out, of course.

Hope it all turns out well and that if you’re reading this, O hypothetical future descendant of mine, it is a happy world you live in.

These were my thoughts.



13 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks! One of things I love most about WordPress is all the different minds and worlds I get glimpses of. And also all the great writing. It can be a bit overwhelming to me sometimes, though. I feel this pressure to post something, anything, and forget why I started my blog. I look forward to reading YOUR thoughts on your blog. =)

    • Thank you so much! I’m trying to get my brain around this. I really appreciate you reading my blog, and am kind of astonished that anyone does, actually. I look forward to following yours. =)

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