Wait, who am I again?


Today the first assignment for the Zero to Hero Challenge is to introduce myself and maybe explain a little about me and my blog. I feel like I did that on my About page. When I first started writing this, I went almost a year before I even started reading other blogs. I just wrote about something on my mind and left it for some theoretical future reader. Now I spend a lot of time worrying about whether I’m going to offend someone. It’s becoming more of a stress as opposed to stress reliever. I keep telling myself if I lose every single follower of my blog that will leave me where I started, which was a perfectly okay place. So I just need to take a breath and write about what I want to write about.
For the most part.

Today as part of this introductory post I decided I would add a picture of me so those of you who actually read this can be disoriented by the difference between photo-me and any mental image you may have had.

And I’ll just add for my future readers, that this picture of me was taken in December of 2013, in the 45th year of my life. It is a “selfie” which is what we call pictures we take of ourselves with our cell phones. I took it because I had just that day broken down and bought my first pair of readers (because my arms aren’t long enough for me to read what’s on the pill bottles anymore) and I was practicing my severe librarian look. I repeatedly told my dog Blossom to Shh! and she wasn’t even the teensiest bit impressed.
Those colored lights in the background are from my Christmas tree.
Fun Fact: If you leave your Christmas tree up all year round, it makes holiday decorating a snap!
When I tell people I left my tree up all year, it’s almost as if I’ve just admitted I live with 100 cats, or in a nudist colony. They seem genuinely shocked. I mean, is it really that weird? It’s just that last year after I took the decorations off I kept asking G&E to put it away, and they didn’t. So, like so many things in my life, I decided to just go with it and enjoy the lights all year.
After all, if it had really bothered me that much I could have taken it down myself.
So here’s to another year of pretty lights, and hopefully better, braver writing.


4 thoughts on “Wait, who am I again?

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I know someone else who left theirs up year-round. I love it! Ours isn’t down yet, so we might be there with ya!

    • Back one year when my husband was deployed somewhere and I was a little bit manic, I decided to leave my tree up but decorate it with a new theme every month i.e. Valentine theme for Feb. etc and then my mom came down to visit in May. She was underwhelmed by my May/floral themed tree. One day I had to go somewhere without her and when I came back the tree was down. She told me it had accidentally gotten knocked over…by the dog. And so she had to take it down. =)

  2. My “Holiday Tree” is up all year on purpose! Right now it has simply pinecones and some heart-shaped cinnamon/applesauce ornaments on it. In Spring it will be covered in birds and nests. May through July is red-white-blue…you get the idea. It started because we didn’t have room to store it in our garage for 10 months out of 12. I love it!
    BTW, I’m a librarian, and we no long shush people…Libraries are very noisy places! gail

    • LOL! Honestly I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard a librarian shush anyone- except maybe in grade school. =)
      I tried the seasonal tree one year and got all the way to May. I think I already wrote about it in my reply to Not a Punk Rocker. I was doing a monthly theme, but I think yours seems more do-able. In the meantime, my tree is still up and twinkling!

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