A Tribute To Gorey Alphabet Story

Gorey ChristmasIt is not often I find someone who also appreciates the wonderful weirdness of Edward Gorey, but the other day gapark at Making Life an Art posted an Alphabet Story inspired by Gorey and I accepted the challenge to come up with my own. It was harder to do than I thought. Like gapark (who, by the way, lives my dream job as a Librarian!) and Edward Gorey, I cheated with the X. Hubby was disappointed I couldn’t work X-ray or xither into the story, but, alas! It stands as follows:

After buying Christmas decorations for Gustav, Hedwig idled, just killing little minutes now on pricnciple; realizing suddenly that ultimately vile work eXhaustion yields zilch.

I encourage you to come up with your own!

p.s. Merry- happy-joyous to you and yours! It’s now officially Christmas 2013 here on eastern standard time and I’m off to the kitchen to make sweet rolls.

Love, ~K


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