My Idiotic Bucket List

I am a listmaker. Just ask my husband.   Geoff never makes lists, his brain must be more organized than mine. But they are very useful to me. I feel a great sense of unease when I go to the grocery store without one, and if I have a lot of stuff in general to do, I will fret and mutter to myself until Geoff will say “I know! Why don’t you make a list?” And I do.

I read this article online a while back making fun of Americans and our recent obsession with “idiotic” bucket lists. It was very snarky and amusing- written by a British person of course. I posted it on FB.  Some of you, well maybe just James actually, read it too, but it inspired me to !Make a list! My own bucket list!  I think the British guy’s point was bucket lists are usually full of these ridiculous daredevil cliche type things like skydiving and ziplining and, well, I don’t really see what the harm is…I think they serve the same purpose of  “If I won the lottery I would…” Only the bucket list is more useful because unlike winning the lottery, all of us are going to die someday so I think it might be useful to make one and hopefully start checking stuff off so that way once you are on your deathbed you won’t slap your forehead and say “Damn it, I was going to take hula lessons”(I’ve done that. check! ) So without further ado-

Well, maybe just one quick ado.

What do you suppose would be on the average person in Haiti or the Sudan’s bucket list?…. Yeah, it does make this entire subject seem shallow and self indulgent, doesn’t it?

But what the hell, here it is:

1. See the tulips in Holland- preferably when they are in bloom.

2. That stone circle on the Isle of Lewis- actually this is more of a catchall for all the stuff in Scotland and UK I didn’t do when I lived there.

3. Revisit Japan and get in shape enough to climb Mt Fuji.   I think I’m going to need a personal trainer.

4. Do a 5k color run. My personal trainer is going to need a lot of patience and perhaps be rather stern.

5. Take the train from Bellow Falls, VT, near my parents’ house  to Montreal and spend the weekend.

6.*CLICHE ALERT*….I can’t help it. I would like to swim with dolphins. I’ve wanted to since I can remember….or maybe just since Olivia Newton John did it back in the early 80s.  Only I wouldn’t want to do it in some cheesy aquatic theme park but just somewhere dolphins hang out…and the water is clear enough so it’s pretty much like a pool and…..Oh, OK. Nevermind.

7. Knit a scarf for eveyone I love. Maybe join the prayer shawl knitter group at work.

8.State quarters tour with Erik. My good friend Travis actually came up with the idea of visiting everything on all the state quarters. I just became a little obsessed with the idea. ERik wants to go to film school and I thought what a cool documentary this would make! He could call it “Travels with my Neurotic List- Making Mother” I think it would do well at Sundance.  Although some of the quarters are problematic. (The old man in the mountain for NH no longer exists, for instance)

9. Get one thing published

10.Participate in a flash mob.

There! I better get cracking…